Your Journey From An Idea To a Venture Starts Here!

Are you a non-tech founder struggling to build a tech business and raise capital?
Are you finding it tough to build your tech team?

Join Favcy's Ragini Sharma who will help you identify the problems that founders face in their 0 to 1 journey and how Favcy can help you mitigate these at an early stage to build successful tech ventures!

Venture Building Approach at Breakneck Speed

This is what you can expect when you get shortlisted for the Favcy Venture Building track.
Idea evaluation

Idea Validation

We enable creators with data-backed strategic tools that help them evaluate their idea based on the current market landscape. It helps in arriving at a PMF-Fitted Product.

our co-creation space

Business Model Validation

We work closely with our Creators to arrive at a unique business model for their business idea. Our investment and compliance team further validates the assumptions taken in the model.

build a demand ready business

Brand Wrapping

By utilising brand frameworks, we help our Creators arrive at a laser-focused brand strategy, value propositions, and USPs, which sets the tonality and visual representation for their Go-To-Market product.

create and evaluate business model

Product Assembly

We map out the Customer Lifecycle (CLC) of the product. Based on that, our tech team, picks out the relevant applications from the FavcyOS to assemble the product and integrates it with a front-end.

create and evaluate business model

Traction Model

We help and consult our Creators to build out a strategy to go-to-market using our Traction Framework, which allows them to evaluate and pick from various distribution channels that they would help them get maximum impact for their venture.

create and evaluate business model

Co-working and Business Services

We engage with various partners (like The Circle, Amazon AWS, etc.) in the ecosystem to help and create the smoothest possible journey for our creators when they start-up, so they can concentrate on what they do best.

Our Portfolio

Meet Our Creators

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Meet the Shared Tech Platform FavcyOS

With FavcyOS, our focus is on providing a 'Shared Plug and Play Experience Platform' that will be the choice of every non tech individual and enterprise as they go about earning Digital Dollars and in creating their Digitally Transformed Businesses.

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