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Making Digital dollars through in-house Digital Transformation Projects is expensive. Getting a board to 'buy-in' to projects, specially, when you know 80% of the projects fail is highly risky. Utilise our Shared Tech Platform and its various Engagement and Commerce Products built specially for Non Tech Product Managers on a Revenue Share Model, to earn Digital dollars before you and your Board commits to the next project

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pitfalls for non tech entrepreneurs

Pitfalls for Non Tech Entrepreneurs in building Digital Businesses

As per a report released by Nasscom and Zinnov, India witnessed the addition of 1,200 new tech startups over the course of 2018, making it the world’s third ...

wastage in digital transformation

70% wastage in Digital Transformation. Here's what you should know

With more than 500 Million Indians having access to the internet, a number expected to register double-digit growth in 2019, the Indian market is already double ...

digital transformation is expensive

Digital Transformation is Expensive

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (erstwhile Google), Facebook and Alibaba - what do these companies have in common? For starters, they happen to be among the top 7 companies in the world in terms of...

controlling and recycling digital wastage

How is Favcy's Shared Tech Platform controlling and recycling digital wastage?

It’s 2019 and it is easier to get someone to act on something through a WhatsApp forward than on real-life evidence. WhatsApp forwards, Tweets and ...