Saumya Garg and Nihal Chasta

Co-founders, Sowl Switch

It’s hard catching a breath in today’s times, especially when the pollution levels and global warming have all been at an all time high. Greenery is rapidly disappearing in order to make way for ‘essentials’ that humans need to live on this planet. Enter Nihal Chasta and Saumya Garg, our budding young entrepreneurs who are striving to make this world a better place by bringing the greens back all around you.

Nihal and Saumya worked together at Convergys where their ideals matched up and they decided to do a startup. Starting out as Green Umbrella, they have now come a long way in their journey. But there’s always room to grow, and that’s what they are aiming for with a bright start in and around Delhi NCR. While working on their idea, they discovered that the way the supply chain operates in the plants industry at the moment is very unorganized. They thought it was the perfect opportunity to make up for this lack of order by organising the supply chain and also catering to the plant needs of people at the same time.

There are over 1700 nurseries in Delhi alone, but only a dismal 5-7% of them currently make use of technology in ways that aid their business. This was another opportunity that they saw, for creating an e-commerce platform that nursery owners everywhere can take advantage of. Out of this need, their brainchild, Sowl Switch was born. Coming up from humble upbringings, both Nihal and Saumya have faced their fair share of struggles leading up to this point, and that is what makes them tick. Hard work and endless determination runs in their blood, and that shows, as they’ve set a target of onboarding 500 nurseries in Delhi-NCR within their first year of operation itself, something which they’re well on course to achieving.

If they can achieve what they have started out to, this would be a one-of-its-kind system to be implemented in India, with standardised quality and prices among other things at the helm, across the country. That would be something to behold. These two have been working tirelessly with Favcy as a team, and all we wish for is that they can keep moving forward on this path which would turn all their dreams into reality as they keep persevering.

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For years now, we have been living in ‘Urban Jungles’ surrounded by huge walls of concrete in cities with the air quality so bad, that it has long crossed the line into the hazardous kind mainly in the metropolitan cities. People spend an exorbitant sum of money working on the aesthetics of their surroundings, yet often look past a masterpiece nature has offered us, called plants. Out of all the things that one can turn to make their surroundings beautiful and healthy to live in at the same time, plants have long been overlooked.

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