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FavcyOS is a propreitary Customer Data Platform that co-locates various Digital Products conceptualised by Creators and currently Engineered by our Tech Team.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Every dollar that you spend on building a Digital Product must be spent wisely. It is known that 80% of all Digital Dollars that go towards Digital Products go waste. Explore FavcyOS and some of the most commonly asked questions.

Queries on FavcyOS - Shared Tech Platform

The Shared Tech Platform FavcyOS, is in-built with a secure and private data layer, login mechanisms and a payment handling system for both you and your user. Shared Tech Platform also provides end-user support system and a load handling system with our DevOps team providing a 24 hours support. Either get your Developers or apply to FavcyX to build or connect APIs that best represent your product. Focus on the Demand Side becasue with FavcyOS your supply side needs virtually no management. See the magic and the flow of Digital Dollars through your product.

How does FavcyOS help non-techies?

Our biggest concern when a Digital Product is developed is on the Demand Side or in simple terms on 'why a product will be used and by whom'. Often Non Techies, jump into an idea and keep investing in building a Product without much validation, resulting in massive losses. On top of that, they only think Features that will make the product work. That's an absolutely wrong strategy. FavcyOS comes with experience and a checklist that provides a scientific process of building a Digital Platform. It's similar to building any Real Estate and this process requires strategic thinking, tactical thinking and models to evaluate ideas that eventually enable you to build the product.
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How is FavcyOS enabled to "Bootstrap My Digital Product"?

When you have an Idea, it's typically a North Star that you would like to achieve. The GoTo Market is dependent not only on the Product creation but also on the Marketing Dollars that you have, which will enable you to market and distribute your Digital Product. Now that's challenging. Very often in exuberance, our Creators or Product Managers of Enterprises, develop a product only to realise that their Distribution strategy will require much more dollars than what they had anticipated. At this moment, it is difficult to go back in time and redo the product. Here's where FavcyOS and its Multi Channel Distribution feature allows the Entrepreneur or the Intrapreneur to change course between B2C, B2B or B2B2C basis their marketing dollars. Multi Channel Distribution Feature of FavcyOS is the most loved feature and you will soon see why.

Queries on FavcyOs - Data Security

How secure is my Data on a "Shared Tech Platform"?

Very secure. Data security is our top most concern. All data transfer on products that are built on top of the FavcyOS are end user permitted. The STP data is siloed only to you and is always accessible by you. Unless you decide to open your data to another partner of the Shared Tech Platform to enable Open Data Economy for enhancing features for your End Consumers or for enabling additional Digital Earning opportunities, no data will be shared or is shared.

Could you give an example, where a company operating on FavcyOS, opens the data to another company?

Yes absolutely. Assume your product is about Digitising, retail merchants and you would like to ger your Retail Merchants to access loan provided by another FinTech company, then we can co-locate the APIs on the Shared Tech Platform - FavcyOS to enable exchange in a secure environment. As a policy, all such data exchange has to be end user permitted.

Where can I read more on Data Policies?

You can read more on FavcyOS' User Data Policies Here

Queries on FavcyOS - Initiation

How can I start working with FavcyOS?

You can initiate a Meetup with us by clicking here We work with three categories of Non Techies - the Creator, who can access our FavcyX program by clicking here the Enterprises, who can access our Partnership Program, by clicking here or with Resellers, who can access our Reseller Program by clicking here

Queries on FavcyOS - Breakaway

How clean is my Breakaway from the "Shared Tech Platform"?

Very clean, well structured and publicly documented. We understand a situation, where your Digital Product becomes bigger for FavcyOS. In such circumstances, we recommend a break away. Please do not hesitate to ask for our Breakaway policies during our next 'Meetup'.

Queries on FavcyOS - Pricing

How does pricing for FavcyOS Work?

FavcyOS serves the need of the Creator, of the Enterprise and of the Reseller in different ways and therefore is priced differently.
If you are a Creator and are getting accelerated on the FavcyX, then FavcyOS services for the first year come free to you with your FavcyX enrolment. For recurring costs of FavcyOS, you are billed on APIs and load charges. You can access our API and load pricing here.
If you are a Creator and not a part of FavcyX but would like to co-locate your digital products to access the advantage of FavcyOS, then you are billed for co-location and billed on the APIs and load. You can access API load pricing here.
If you are an Enterprise and are utilising FavcyOS through any of our Shared Tech Platform products, then you pay specifically only for the product and OS prices are not charged additionally. All products that are built on FavcyOS are self served from their respective portals. For detailed look at products and pricing, we recommend that you visit respective product websites.
Experience the speed of the Products, co-created and co-located on the FavcyOS

CFL - Fantasy Gaming Platform for Media Houses

Category - Gaming, Engagement and Digital Transformation

Media companies are looking at ways of increasing transactional revenues. CFL is a B2B2C Gaming Platform that allows every Media Company to create their own Gaming Platform in under 1 minute.

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Ki Dukaan - Instant Digital Shops for Street Merchants

Category -- Fintech, Commerce and Digitization

Street Vendors have so far just been able to utilise Wallet services. Ki Dukaan was created to provide Digital Identity, Self Serve Point of Sale System, Loans basis transaction history. Every Dukaan had to be made availabe in under 1 minute. Take a Demo.

Build with love on "No Download Required" FavcyOS

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Every dollar that you spend on building a Digital Business needs to be spent wisely. Its known that 80% of all dollars that go towards Digital products go waste. Explore 'FavcyX' as our team helps you to evaluate your ideas, strategise on go to markets and build your dream Digital Business on our Shared Tech Platform.

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Making Digital dollars through in-house Digital Transformation Projects is expensive. Getting a board to 'buy-in' to projects, specially, when you know 80% of the projects fail is highly risky. Utilise our Shared Tech Platform and its various Engagement and Commerce Products built specially for Non Tech Product Managers on a Revenue Share Model, to earn Digital dollars before you and your Board commits to the next project

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By 2024, its anticipated that about 25% of India's GDP will be on or about Digital Dollars. Get trained, enable yourself to 'Be Your Own Boss' and create a new income by reselling our simple to use Engagement and Commerce Products.

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