Ashish Nanda

Founder, Zoi Meals

In this constantly changing world, there aren’t many constants around. Amidst this constant change, people are looking for stability and consistency. What’s more, when you find that in something everyone loves, like food; that makes it all the more better. Ashish Nanda, who is now a new entrepreneur again at 45, was flirting with something along the same lines when he realised something remarkable. Good quality food is hard to find, and is often not available in an affordable price range, while the one that is cheaper, is often not at par in quality standards. This gap was something that Ashish wanted to bridge, which is why he started Zoi Meals, where good quality food is not a novelty.

Ashish has always been a business owner, having tried his hand at a number of different businesses in various fields such as home appliances, oil and gas, fashion and lifestyle, he felt the need to work in the food-tech industry to try and solve this problem. Having studied Commerce from Delhi University, one could argue he has always had a keen eye for creating and running businesses. A family of three, his wife Deepti is a Co-founder as well, while his son Lakshay, who is a budding musician is also involved with the business, heading operations. Ashish has always had a passion for creating value for everyone who is involved, through building a sustainable venture. And when he had the opportunity of developing this idea into a commercially-viable business model, he immediately jumped at it.

Zoiffin, his product gives you the option of starting your own food business, without the hassle of maintaining inventory or cooking. With Favcy, he shaped his business idea onto a sustainable and scalable path, along with a product built on the high performance, Shared-Tech platform FavcyOS. For Ashish and Zoi Meals, only sky is the limit.