Nikhil Gandhi

Founder, FanGreets

Nikhil is a 31-year old young entrepreneur, who’s already tasted success with his Production and Brand Agency which he has been running for the last five years, he decided it was time to get back in the startup game once again. He has been raised as a simple man, born and brought up in Delhi. He was raised by his father, who was a GM working in Finance, later moved on to be a successful realtor and then moving on to teach in government schools. Nikhil himself is very well equipped to handle the startup arena, with a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management, and a Master’s in International Business and Marketing. He is also a certified Digital Growth Hacker.

Having previously worked across premiere hotel brands across the country for nine years, he worked as the Director of the Sales and Marketing team when he decided to jump into the startup foray for the first time. He initiated his Production and Brand agency where he conceptualised major entertainment shows, executed events and sports activations. In his spare time, of which he would hardly have any, he enjoys playing and watching sports, reading and networking with people.

As he worked with various sports franchisees across high-profile sporting events such as IPL and creating beautiful events for major companies, he discovered a flaw in the way fan engagement was being handled, and he stumbled upon a way which would revolutionise the whole industry and create a win-win working strategy for the organisers, sports teams, entertainers and their millions of fans. Since a majority of fans spend a lot of money on various sporting events, movies, merchandise and more, he wanted to make every penny they spend on their fandom. For starters, he wants to utilise all the unsold inventory through paid gamification which would work in favour of all the involved parties.

While he has been working on conceptualising his second venture with Favcy, FanGreets, which would create new takeaways for admirers, who despite being the biggest contributor in the world of desired unconditional fellowships do not often get their desires as a fan fulfilled. His journey so far has been a fruitful one, and we believe it is about to get even better once he successfully taps into this vast potential that lies within the Sports Marketing and Fan Engagement Industry.

Nikhil's Blog


Time to Rise: Redefining Fan Engagement in Sports

Sports fans who existed a few years ago were a much simpler beast compared to what they have evolved into now. In those times, fans were happy consuming their sports passively from a stadium seat or sofa, through magazines or newspapers. But with changing times, a myriad of ways started coming up for fans to satiate their sporting passions. Due to this, sports companies now have to work that much harder to reach their audiences who have now diversified to a multitude of platforms. Also, there are no takeaways for admirers these days despite being the biggest contributor in the world of desired unconditional fellowships.

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