Shreyansh Rana

Founder, KisaanGiri

Farmers are the backbone of the nation. Over 50 percent of the nation’s workforce depends on agriculture for their daily expenses. India ranks second in the world in terms of agricultural output. Despite such interesting facts and figures, it is well known that a majority of the farmers still have to face difficult situations in order to make all this happen. Shreyansh has been fascinated by rural India ever since he was little. Having experienced time in the environment, he experienced the plight of the farmers first-hand, and has always wanted to do something to improve their situation. He is aiming to bring his dream closer to reality with his startup KisaanGiri.

Having been brought up in a family where everyone is business-oriented, Shreyansh has always had a keen eye in observing the intricacies of how systems have been working. In this case, he realized the supply chain in the agricultural sector is very disorganised, which has led to a number of fundamental problems in the lives of farmers which could easily be eradicated if a much superior infrastructure was in place behind the scenes. He has a Bachelor’s in Economics, and this startup is also his first job so to say.

Although he’s just starting out, his passion for cartography has taken him far and wide all over the country, an opportunity he would never waste in pursuit of gaining valuable information for his startup by traveling all over the country to experience the lives of farmers as the landscape changes. The only thing he found in common everywhere was the kind of suffering and exploitation that the people who are the backbone of our country face.

Shreyansh's Blog


Are Farmers Really Getting the Best They Can?

Agriculture accounts for over 15% of annual GDP in India. Our country has the 2nd highest output of agricultural produce in the world, with its value estimated at around $400 Billion. Unfortunately, the daily life of the farming community in India, to which we owe much of the credit of this national achievement, is marred with numerous challenges. In this blog post, we take a look at the widespread problems being faced by the Indian farmers (irrespective of whether they are large (~7%), medium (~19%), small (~60%), or landless (~14%)), and the need for society to acknowledge and understand them in order to arrive at their solutions.

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