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Driving Engagement
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Feeling Greedy

With our Brand Point System,
Engage Mojo is a Minute Away.

Show your Users that you CARE.

A platform that encourages your users to engage with you, provides you with predictive analytics, aids you in community communication and harnesses your sales efforts.


Transfer Your Promotion Money to
the Medium that matters!

Say 'No' to deals seekers and 'Yes' to Favcy's enCommerce system. Choose your customers on what they like to engage with and spend on the medium of engagement that matters!

Yes, your spend becomes the earning for the Users. Win ! Super Win!


These Brands Signed Our
'Non Nobis, Sed Omnibus' Charter

*Disclaimer: enCommerce is a portmanteau for engagement and commerce. Favcy is not an affiliate/subsidary or has any relation to and with enCommerce company, which was purchased by Entrust and is a respected company. Details on enCommerce company can be found here.